FAQ for Bos Wars

Q: Does Bos Wars work with ALSA?
A: Yes, if you compiled SDL with ALSA support.

Q: Does Bos Wars support LAN/Internet play?
A: Yes, BUT you should run network games only on networks with exclusively fully trusted parties. There are absolutely no security guarantees. Run at your own risk.

Q: How do I play multiplayer?
A: Find the hostname or the IP address of someone you want to play with and connect to him.

Q: What ports does the Bos Wars network protocol use?
A: Bos Wars uses UDP with port 6660 by default, you may start boswars with '-Pxxxx' flag to use port xxxx instead.

Q: Does Bos Wars support a game server, meta server, lobby or anything like that ?
A: Not yet, but this is a planned feature.

Q: How can I get the group keys to work on a non-us keyboard?
A: In "~/.boswars/preferences.lua", replace the digits in GroupKeys = "0123456789`" by the characters output by hitting the digit keys of your keyboard without holding the shift key down. Characters which are not ANSI 7 bit need to be encoded with their UTF-8 character code.

Q: Bos Wars runs really slow in large resolutions, what can I do?
A: The engine has to update the whole screen every frame. Use OpenGL or play with a smaller screen resolution.

Q: What should I do if my question isn't answered here?
A: Read the included documentation and look in the FAQ on our wiki. If after that you still haven't found an answer to your question, ask on our mailing list or on our IRC channel.

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